Advanced masterclass in urban design flyer 19.5.16

Advanced masterclass in urban design

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Urban design is at a crossroads. Despite being at the forefront of current urban agenda in the UK in recent decades, it has failed to deliver the quality of place we expect of our towns and cities. Housing is in crisis. The poor are getting poorer. We are creating the most unsustainable forms of development. We have failed to build one decent new neighbourhood in recent decades and the processes we use seemed to be doomed to failure in our increasingly bottom-up, local and complex urban world.

This masterclass intends to take us beyond the standard ideas, tools and tactics we use today, to a different way of thinking about the challenge. Kelvin Campbell and Rob Cowan, the team that put together ‘By Design’ and  ‘The Radical Incrementalist: How to build urban society in 12 lessons’, will take the participants through a set of practical ways in which we can start to act differently. It will explore moving from complex policies to simple protocols; from our obsession with fixed endstates to focusing on initial conditions; and, from command-and-control to enabling behaviours.

This is your chance to join an ever-growing group of people worldwide who are embracing new ways of planning, design and delivering a better urban society.

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