The Massive Small Compendium provides the ideas, tools and tactics that practically demonstrate and simply communicate different ways of enabling bottom-up response through top-down action. 

Its audience is:

  1. Active citizens and community groups looking for inspiration
  2. Civic leaders and urban managers looking for motivation
  3. Urban professionals and academics looking for new horizons

It does this through:


Showing relevant small change projects worldwide


Showing open adaptive urban systems at work


Showing how we can learn from others


Showing simple rules for delivering urban change


Providing a catalogue of supporting downloads

A sample of our PROJECTS:

  1. ‘The Invisible Chassis: An instructional manual for building urban neighbourhoods’ by Kelvin Campbell with support of Kickstarter community (Available in March 2017)
  2. ‘The Radical Incrementalist: How to build urban society in 12 lessons’ by Kelvin Campbell and Rob Cowan with support of Kickstarter community – Author and publisher (available on Amazon)
  3. ‘Massive Small: The Operating System for Smart Urbanism’ by Kelvin Campbell – Author and publisher (available on Amazon)
  4. ‘Re:Urbanism, A challenge to the Urban Summit’  by Kelvin Campbell and Rob Cowan: Author and publisher (available on request)
  5. ‘By Design: Urban Design in the Planning System’. UK Government urban policy guide by Kelvin Campbell and Rob Cowan. Published by CABE
  6. New Statesman/ City Metric thinkpieces:
  7. ‘How to make Massive Small change in an increasingly complex, informal and local world’, Royal Commission 1851 Research Fellowship with University College London
  8. ‘The Popular Home Initiative’, a practical research project with five London boroughs showing how we can move back to a more distributed housing system.
  9. LinkedIn Pulse blogs:
    • Making Massive Small change to build a better urban society
    • Why do top-down and bottom-up need each other?
    • The Massive SMALL Project: Build a better urban society
    • Be a Radical Incrementalist: How to build a better urban society in 12 easy lessons
  10. UrbanISM (Integrated Spatial Modellling) – developing simple tools to build collaboration and understanding between governments and people.
  11. The Berlin Townhouse Project Review – a case study showing how the Berlin mayor is forming new neighbourhoods with high levels of bottom-up community action
  12. Smart Urbanism LinkedIn group: Curating our online platform of 22,000 members