Our Kickstarter has launched. Pledge now!

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Our Kickstarter page is live!

Support us from the 9th September to the 9th October.

The Massive Small Compendium is ready to be shared with you and others across the world.
Our aim is to help and inspire people and government to work together, allowing communities to shape their own environments and make towns and cities that work for us, not against us.

The compendium is our concise body of knowledge and includes:

  • a book of lessons from the field
  • a universal call for change
  • a visual framework for building action
  • and a manual of evolving ideas, tools and tactics

Over the next month we will be looking to raise £20,000 to fund the cost of producing and distributing our exciting new publications. As part of our campaign we will be giving away 1000 copies to institutions, organisations and people who might need it most.

Our Kickstarter page is jam-packed with lots of rewards and our video explains exactly how and why we think Massive Small can help build a better urban society. The rewards are setup so you can give as little as £1, or as much as £5000. We’ve made sure everyone can be a part of this journey and we know how the power of many small actions can add up to make a big difference.

The first 48 hours of any campaign are crucial, please pledge now and give us the momentum we need!

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